jeudi 16 mai 2013

English vocabulary : sink


sink 1 |siNGk|verb ( past sank |saNGk| or sunk |səNGk|past participle sunk |səNGk| )no obj. ] go down below the surface of something, esp. of a liquid; becomesubmerged: he saw the coffin sink below the surface of the waves.• (of a shipgo to the bottom of the sea or some other body of water because of damage or a collision: the trawler sank with the loss of all six crew members.• disappear and not be seen or heard of again: the film sank virtually without trace .• with obj. ] cause (a ship) to go to the bottom of the sea or other body of water: a freak wave sank their boat near the shore.• with obj. ] cause to fail: she apparently wishes to sink the company.• with obj. ] conceal, keep in the background, or ignore: they agreed to sink their obj. ] descend; drop: Sam felt the ground sinking beneath his feet | you can relax on the veranda as the sun sinks.• (of a person) lower oneself or drop gently: she sank back onto her pillow.• with adverbial of direction ] gradually penetrate the surface of something: her feet sank into the thick pile of the carpet.• with obj. ] (sink something intocause something sharp to penetrate (a surface): the dog sank its teeth into her obj. ] gradually decrease or decline in value, amount, quality, or intensity: their output sank to a third of the prewar figure | the reputation of the mayor sank to a very low level.• lapse or fall into a particular state or condition, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant: he sank into a coma after suffering a brain hemorrhage.• approach death: the doctor concluded that Sanders was sinking fast.with obj. ] insert beneath a surface by digging or hollowing out: rails attached with screws sunk below the surface of the wood.• excavate (a well) or bore (a shaft) more or less vertically downward: they planned to sink a gold mine in Oklahoma.• hit (a ball) into a hole in golf or billiards.• insert into something: Kelly stood watching, her hands sunk deep into her pockets.

Certains jours comme ça on s'immerge dans des moments qui n'ont pas de nom, où l'horreur côtoie le sublime et où on a l'impression de toucher de la kryptonite et un super pouvoir en même temps. Et où seule une bonne nuit de sommeil peut aider à faire le tri et à reprendre des forces.


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