vendredi 20 juillet 2012

English vocabulary : to wrap something up


wrapverbshe wrapped herself in a towelswathebundleswaddlemuffle,cloakenfoldenvelopencasecoverfoldwind.wrapped the vase carefullypackagepackpack upbundle,bundle upgift-wrap.nounhe put a wrap around hershawlstolecloakcapemantle,scarfponchoserapepelisse.PHRASESwrap up wrap up well—it's colddress warmlybundle up.wrap something up informal our objective is to wrap up the Pendleton case by the end of the monthconcludefinishend,wind upterminatestopceasefinalizecompletetie up;informal sew up.

Allez hop, on wrap up tout ça, on conclude, on finish, on end, on wind up, on terminate, on stop, on cease; on finalize, on complete.


On fait tomber tout ce qui tombe sous la main dans une valise énorme et ON PART.


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